BOOTHS (Cabins)

AFRAN Cyclone Booth

Afran Cyclone Cabinets consist of two separate units. Powder particles that are sucked together with the air are thrown into the cyclone body with a 180 degree centrifugal rotation.

The second vortex formed in the central chamber reduces the dust particles through the cyclone cone to the cyclone bucket. Small fractures caused by the collision of fast-moving particles with each other are directed to the suction tube in the middle and pass through the filter group to the defo boiler. During operation, the powder paint accumulated in the bucket is taken at certain intervals and sieved and returned to the gun.

The booths are used by enterprises with more color change in the powder coating industry. Cyclone cabinets break down the powder paint particles due to the centrifugal effect. Therefore, the paints accumulated in the cyclone tank should be mixed with fresh paint.

Siklonlu Kabin Teknik Detayları

  • Cyclone Powder coating booths are made of modular 1.5mm and 2mm DKP sheet metal.
  • It can be made of galvanized sheet, PVC or stainless steel material.
  • All parts of the cabin are disassembled and all connections are covered with food.
  • Inside and outside of the cabinets are covered with electrostatic powder paint.
  • Optional automatic blasting card can be added.
  • The felt filters are determined according to the cyclone flow rate.
  • Felt filters have a dust holding capacity of 15 microns.
  • The fan used in powder coating booth is of radian type.
  • Powder coating cabinet with sliding door.
  • The dusty cabin has 500 lux lighting.
  • Suitable for manual and automatic operation.
  • Special manufacturing except for standard production.

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