AFRAN Earth Line

Before a Possible Danger and Other Creatures. The state of the active parts of the electronic devices which are electrically energized is the earthing of the outer metal parts which do not pass current but which may be transmitted to the human by a touch in case of a leakage. Metal fences, tanks, escalators … He wants him in touch.

Powder Coating Machine User Manual Click for details.

1) Connect the grounding before starting the machine (minimum 0.3ohm)
2) Check the connections of the machine to be connected to the connector or the panel. we are recommended to control a qualified person.
3) Connect the air to the air conditioner (maximum 6 bar)
4) Increasing air dryer overdrough. otherwise, it will damage the water and oil filter group at the same time and moisturize the paint at the same time.
5) Humidified paint prevents all line that has been pasted and exists from the electrode.
6) Open the paint storage cover of the machine and fill 1 box of paint. (max 20 kg)
7) Make sure the paint to be puted to the machine is dry and clean.
8) Wear your overlay and wear your mask. absolutely do not woven gloves.
9) Adjust the air 6 bars on the conditioner at the main air inlet. adjust the embossing air 1 bar.
10) Make sure the material to be painted get clean and full grounding.
11) Grounding on conveyor line must be minimum 0.3 ohm.
12) Press gun trigger and adjust the settings required for painting from regulators on the device.
13) Do not reduce under 1 bar as the regulator 1 adjusts the paint quantity.
14) Paint under 1 bar can be cut and irregular.
15) Regulator no.2 always the setting in regulator no.1 must be 4/1.
16) No. 3 regulator electrod cleaning air and fixed 0.5 bar.
17) Adjust the voltage adjustment on the device according to the product you will paint.
18) Do not increase static adjustment to 50kv in extremely bending materials.
19) After completing the painting work, clean all the points of your machine painted with the air. where the paint will result in otherwise.
20) For more detailed information you can call our communication phones

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